Privacy statement

Information regarding the processing of personal data via the contact form on this website

  • JanZed is a company specialized in inspection and quality control through non-destructive material research located at Biggekruid 2, 9413DA Beilen and can be reached by telephone via +31 06-10781862.
  • Via the contact form on the JanZed website, a visitor can apply for a service or information via an automated email system that is built into the website.
  • The aforementioned website is operated by Automatux ICT Services in Groningen (tel. 06-23600108) and is hosted by PCextreme BV with its registered office in Amsterdam.
  • By completing and sending the contact form, a website gives visitors permission to JanZed for data processing and to contact via email.
  • The information provided by the website visitor in the contact form is only collected for this purpose "contact". This data that is sent via email directly to the mailbox of the owner is removed from the web server within six months. Only the owner of JanZed can read these entries.
  • Each request via the contact form is handled individually.
  • The email address provided and the other information provided are treated in strict confidence and are therefore not shared with third parties.
  • The email addresses registered by the content management system from form submissions are not used for newsletters and / or other forms of promotional mass mailings.
  • The provision of personal data is not based on a legal or contractual obligation, but takes place on a voluntary basis. The potential customer is also offered the opportunity to make telephone calls via the telephone number 06-10781862 as mentioned on the website.
  • Persons have the right to inspect, rectify or delete the information they have entered.
  • The right exists to object to the processing of the entered personal data.
  • The data are provided to JanZed with their own permission, but the right to withdraw this consent remains.
  • In the event of demonstrable careless use of the personal data provided by JanZed, it is possible to file a complaint with the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (Dutch Data Protection Authority).
  • With regard to collecting the contact details of the potential customer, there is no question of automated decision making or profiling.
  • This website uses tracking cookies from Google Analytics for analyzing website visits and generating visitor statistics. For more information you can consult our cookie policy.