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About the use of cookies by this website

What are cookies?

Cookies are small, simple files that are placed by your browser on the hard disk of your computer and keep information about your visit to websites. The information stored in the cookies can be returned to our web server on a subsequent visit. For example, cookies ensure that your preferences are remembered. Website owners can also see how often their websites are viewed thanks to tracking cookies. Our website uses Google Analytics cookies mainly for tracking purposes.

Cookies for analysis

To measure the use of our website, we use the Google Analytics service. By means of so-called tracking cookies, we keep track of how visitors use our website, which pages they visit, where they (globally) come from, what they click on and which browser they use. In addition, the ipaddress of a visitor is anonymized, so that Google can not trace them exactly. With this information we are able to generate visitor statistics and we can improve the ease of use and the quality of our website.

When using Google Analytics, the administrator of this website declares that;

  • a processor agreement with Google is closed;
  • the last octet of each visiting IP address is masked;
  • data sharing via Google is disabled;
  • no data may be collected for marketing purposes;
  • data is automatically deleted from the Google servers after a data retention period;
  • no use is made of other Google services in combination with the Google Analytics cookies

No permission has been granted to Google for sharing information with third parties; unless Google is legally obliged to do so, the statistics can not be passed on to third parties. However, this website does not affect this. For details, see the privacy policy of Google.

Block or delete cookies

It is possible to block the placing of cookies and / or to remove already placed cookies. Most internet browsers can be set up in such a way that cookies are not accepted (do-not-track) or that you are informed when you receive a cookie. The way you can do that depends on the browser you use. Contact the provider of your browser in case you do not know how to do these settings;

    Microsoft Edge
    Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
    Mozilla Firefox
    Google Chrome


This website reserves the right to change the policy regarding the use of cookies. The changes take effect immediately after placing the modified cookie policy on the websites.

This policy was last changed on 25th May 2018.