In the function of inspector pressure equipment JanZed performs inspections of pressure equipment during manufacturing and during final product testing to determine whether these technical components meet the prescribed requirements. The work is always done on location and the objects to be approved, are all devices that are (including valves, safety valves, vessels, towers, boilers, tanks, furnaces, heat exchangers, etc.) falling under the Dutch Warenwetbesluit - Drukapparatuur (Commodities Act Decree - Pressure Equipment)

JanZed performs technical inspections independently on the basis of methods provided by the client and official prescribed procedures. During the whole of the inspection, the safety precautions are observed and met, according the guidelines of the client as well as laid down by law.

This will be followed by reporting and feedback of the inspectionwork. Any findings and any recommendations are recorded in a detailed report and reported back to the client.

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